130-03-2020Dr. Vinod KrishnanMarma
231-03-2020Dr. Vinod KrishnanMarma
301-04-2020Dr. Johnson P JohnRelevance of swasthavrutha in current times
402-04-2020Dr. Sreeparvathy RPractical Panchakarma
503-04-2020Dr. Vijith K VMy clinical experiences in Neuro Degenerative Conditions
604-04-2020Dr. Sreekrishnan C MIntroduction to Ayurvedic Dermatology
705-04-2020Yabshaad K K Building a stable practice
806-04-2020Dr. Jishnu ChandranDiagnosis and ayurvedic conservative management of Fissure in ano
907-04-2020Dr. Jesna Psycology in clinical practice
1008-04-2020Dr. Alex Abraham Acute knee injuries
1109-04-2020Asso. Prof. Dr. Ramya Alakkal (EVERY THURSDAYS)Snehapana “Principles to practice”
1210-04-2020Dr. Sreenath WarrierPaediatric dermatological conditions wsr to Karappan
1311-04-2020Dr. Siju orthopaedic surgeonOsteo Arthritis Knee
1412-04-2020Dr Bino Benjamin Management of Myocardial Infarction
1513-04-2020 Dr. Jeswin Paulson radiology ddrc ceeveesIntroduction to Radiology
1614-04-2020Dr T Sreekumar (NET PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED)Ayurvedic management of cancer patients and their comorbidities for better quality of life
1816-04-2020Asso. Prof. Dr. Ramya Alakkal (EVERY THURSDAYS)Snehapanam
1917-4-2020Dr Jishnu Narayanan net problem is there MEDICAL ETHICS
2018-4-2020Dr AnantRam Sharma PRO &HOD Amritha Vamana – Text to practice
2119-04-2020Dr Shameer Thodengal MD(Ay) Basic sports injuries and its management
2220-4-2020Dr Sunitha Sreenath Clinical Approach in Yoni rogas
2321-04-2020Dr Veena P Raghunathan 9164104445,Relation b/n Geopathic Stress , Vasthu and Ayurveda
2422-04-2020Dr Aswathi Mohan P Challenges and utility of adopting dravyaGUNA in treatment
2523-04-2020Asso. Prof. Dr. Ramya Alakkal (EVERY THURSDAYS)Snehapanam
2624-04-2020Dr Binoy Bhaskaran Role of Mootra pareeksha in Prameha Rogi
2725-04-2020Dr Sasikumar Nechiyil Nechiyil Pharmaceuticalsjwara chikitsa and Rasa medicines….. No PPT
2826-04-2020Dr Itoozhy Unikrishnan namboothiri Clinical Ophthalmology in Ayurveda
2927-04-2020Dr Prathibha C K w/o Anantramsharma Vasthi- PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE
3028-04-2020Dr Prathibha C K w/o Anantramsharmavasthi – Principles and practice
3129-04-2020Asso. Prof. Dr. Rahul R Nair Right Clinical Methods for Best prescriptions – Part – 1
3230-04-2020Asso. Prof. Dr. Ramya Alakkal (EVERY THURSDAYS)Swedanam
3301-05-2020Dr Prasad MExploring the concept of Rogamargas
3503-05-2020Dr C M SreekrishnanPsoriasis- Through an Expert ayurvedic clinicians view
3604-05-2020Dr KrishnakumarImmunity and Ojuss in Ayurveda
3705-04-2020Dr Abdul LatheefPharmacological Potential of Ayurveda
3806-05-2020Dr Joby GeorgeInfertility
3907-05-2020Dr Rahul R NairRight Clinical Methods for Best prescriptions – Part – 2
4008-05-2020Sankaran Venugopalan SirSanskrit
4109-05-2020Dr Nagabhooshan Guidelines on Psychatry in general Practice.
4210-05-2020Dr Mukesh EClinical Diagnosis in Ayurveda
4311-05-2020Dr Naveen PRactice of Ayurveda outside India – A hands on experience from Russia
4412-05-2020Dr SangwiKsharasutra in practice
4513-05-2020Dr Sitara Menstrual disorders
4614-05-2020Dr Remya AUnderstanding Sweda..From Principles to practise…W.S.R to Snigdha sweda
4715-05-2020Dr Arun B VarierRRTI and Fever in children- a clinical perspective
4816-05-2020Dr Gourisanker Pakshaghata and its management
5018-05-2020Dr Vignesh RamanathamA comprehensive ayurvedic approach to stress management
5119-05-2020Dr Murali Understanding and Management of Allergic Respiratory diseases in Ayurveda
5220-05-2020Dr Pavana Jayaram Emergency Management in Ayurveda
5321-05-2020DR Rahul R NairRight Clinical Methods for Best prescriptions – Part – 3
5523-05-2020Dr Suresh TriveniAyurvedic management of Fractures, Dislocations and Sprain.
5624-05-2020Dr. PrathibhaPractical Insight on Utharavasthi
5725-05-2020Dr. Dileep ThripunithuraProtocol of Clinical Documentation In Classical Ayurveda
5826-05-2020Dr Mukesh E Asst Prof. VPSV AVC KOTTAKKAL ECG- How to understand and Interpret
5927-05-2020Dr Mukesh E Asst Prof. VPSV AVC KOTTAKKAL ECG- How to understand and interpret
6028-05-2020Dr Mukesh E Asst Prof. VPSV AVC KOTTAKKAL ECG- How to understand and interpret
6129-05-2020Dr Narayanan ( Sreedhareeyam)Glaucoma and its management in Ayurveda
6230-05-2020Dr AnantRam Sharma PRO &HOD Amritha Ayurveda and Skin diseases – Illustrated Case Reports
6331-05-2020Shijo K John – Business ConsultantCOVID Aftermath on Ayurveda Challenges & Oppurtunities
6401-06-2020Dr Manoranjan SahuSpecial Techniques in the management of Fistula in Ano
6502-06-2020Dr. L.MahadevanCARAKA MEETS DAVIDSON – Guna based analysis of Ayurvedic & Modern Clinical Conditions
6603-06-2020Dr Amala 7907773569Medical Cosmetology: Opportunities and Challenges
6704-06-2020Dr. Ajayan Astangam Dravyagunam 8848672597Ayurvedic drug discovery approaches against infectious diseases
6805-06-2020 Dr.Remya Kayaseka and Shashtika Pinda sweda – Terrains Unexplored
6906-06-2020Dr.Alex.k.Abhraham Something more than a Red Hot Salaka
7007-06-2020Dr T Sreekumar Anorectal and Allied Disorders
7108-06-2020Mr Rajan Kottakkal Manager The Giant Leap : Alternative to Mainline
7209-06-2020 Dr Gopikrishnan VPSV AVC KOTTAKKAL Clinical Approach to Skin Disorders
7310-06-2020Dr. Divya PThe Challenges in Quality Control of Ayurvedic Medicines
7411-06-2020Dr.Roshni.K.PExploration of Tantrayukti w.s.r to Samhithas
7512-06-2020Dr. Sithara Satheesan Menopause an overview
7613-06-2020Vaidya.Prasad.MUnderstanding Samprapthi A clinician’s perspective
7714-06-2020Dr. Sarbeshwar Kar Management of common Ocular Disorders in Ayurveda
7815-06-2020Dr. Jishnu Chandran Clinical examination and treatment of Varicose veins and associated ailments
7916-06-2020Dr. Jeswin Paulson Computed Tomography in a quick glance
8017-06-2020Prof.Dr.Sreevatsa Sangeetha chikitsa
8118-06-2020Asso. Prof. Dr. Ramya Alakkal Moordhataila Vicharam – Session 1
8219-06-2020Dr.Bahrath S NarendraFertility and Ayurveda
8320-06-2020Prof. Dr. Smitha Mohan P VAnorectal Diseases
8421-06-2020Dr PADMANABHAN YOGAPhilosophy,Psychology and therapeutics of Yoga
8522-06-2020Dr.S.Gnana prasunaEmergency clinical challenges at Ayurvedic OPD and their Management
8623-06-2020Asso. Prof. Bino BenjaminCholestrol Treatmnt and controversies
8724-06-2020Dr.Judo RotoryOstructive airway Diseases
8825-06-2020Dr.RemyaMoordhataila Vicharam – Session 2
8926-06-2020Prof.Dinesh.k,sAGASTYA Protocol for the management of childrens with autism spectrum disorders
9027-06-2020Dr.Vinod KrishnanIntroduction to Marma and it’s Management
9128-06-2020Dr.S.N.Santhosh Belavadi Applications Of TAKRABASTI in Grahani Roga
9229-06-2020Dr P V Joshi Critical Analysis and Management of Psoriasis in Ayurveda
9330-06-2020Dr.S.Swaminathan Importance of Ritucharya in Ayurvedic clinical practice
9401-07-2020Dr Aswathy GDAH Tvm Management of inflammatory skin diseases
9502-07-2020Dr.SreerajHurdles in Practising an ancient science in a Modern era
9603-07-2020Dr M P Easwara Sharma Mental dissorders and Ayurveda
9704-07-2020Dr.Dinesh.P.MPharrmacology an ayurvedic perspective
9805-07-2020Dr.Roshi GAC,NagarkovilEvaluation of Herbo-Mineral Formulations in Treating Annavaha srotho vyadhi (GIT)
9906-07-2020Dr.Parvathi KirathamoorthyPsychiatry in General Practice
10007-07-2020Dr.Nedungadi Haridas,Dr.Chakko and Dr.MadhusudananKudee praveshikam
10108-07-2020Dr. ChakravarthyUnderstanding Srotovaigunya in relevance with dosha-dushya sammurchana
10209-07-2020Dr. Rahul R NairIntrepretation Of Chest Xrays-A Primer
10310-07-2020Dr.SwethaAshtavidha Sastrakarma of acharya susrutha wrs to seevanakarma preview from ancient to modern era
10411-07-2020Dr.Haseena RiyasThoughts of Cosmetology in Ayurveda
10512-07-2020Divya C.SPre conceptional care,Garbha sthapana and Pumsavana in Clinical Practice
10613-07-2020Dr.Subhramanya pandyalaGreen Philosophy
10714-07-2020Dr.Divya.PChallenges in Quality control of Ayurvedic Products-session-2
10815-07-2020Dr.Lal krishnanKalari marma chikitsa of kerala Ayurveda Essentials of orthopaedic & Sports injury management of upper limb
10916-07-2020Dr Remya AMoordhataila Vicharam Session 3- Shiropichu & Shirolepam-Exploring Clinical Possibilities
11017-07-2020Dr.Shibu (Nangelil)Radiological Diagnosis of Spinal dissorders & their Panchakarma-A Bird ‘s eye view
11118-07-2020Dr.Roshni AnirudhanSeizure Management on Ayurveda
11219-07-2020Dr.Sreedarshan KSBioavailability Enhancers An Ayurvedic Perspective
11320-07-2020Dr. K.T Vinod KrishnanKerala’s Special Karkidaka (Monsoon) Regimens
11421-07-2020RudraRole of Jyotisha in Ayurveda
11522-07-2020Dr. Ashok kumarKsharasutra therapy
11623-07-2020Dr. Rahul R NairIntrepretation Of Chest Xrays – A Primer- Part 2
11724-07-2020Padmasree Dr.Hareendran NairZingiVir-H Tablets-Safety & Efficacy on Covid 19 Patients (Trial Details)
11825-07-2020Dr.Soumya Saraswathi Astrology reveals – Ayurveda Heals….
11926-07-2020Dr.SethumadhvanJARA Chikithsa
12027-07-2020Dr. Shivanand Shrikant PatelRole of Ayurveda & Modern Techniques in Trichology- Hair Disorders
12128-07-2020Dr.Rajaneesh.V.GiriAetiopathogenesis and management of Fistula in ano
12229-07-2020Dr.Anasuya ChaitanyaMARMA in Practice
12330-07-2020Dr.JitheshDiagnosis and Management of Hepatic Disorders
12431-07-2020Dr. ChadramouliswaeanAbhyantharaSnehapana and it’s clinical implementations
12501-08-2020Prof. Dr. Asha sreedharAbnormal Uterine Bleeding
12602-08-2020Dr.MuraleedharanDiagnosis and treatment of Snake bite
12703-08-2020Dr. Nithin sharma & Dr.Rashi sharmaResearch Process& Writing a Case Report
12804-08-2020Dr Indusree C Suseelan Asst Professor SJS chennaiUnderstanding the concept of Ruja with respect to Pain sensation.
12905-08-2020Dr.Deepthi NairFormulating an equation for prescribing Pathyam
13006-08-2020Dr.Leena.P.NairDasavidha pareesha Bhavas – Text to Practice
13107-08-2020Dr. Shine MohanRelevance of Osteopathy in Clinical Practice
13208-08-2020Dr. S.P. SreejithOPD Level – Performing Parasurgicals Singlehandedly Experience Sharing of 10 years
13309-08-2020Dr.AnudathHead Injury – Assesment & Warning Signs
13410-08-2020Dr.Nadagouda ShobhanaPractice of Matra vasthi in Ayurveda
13511-08-2020Dr. R. V ShetterManagement of Diabetes through Ayurveda
13612-08-2020Dr. SudhikumarNeed of Research in Ayurveda
13713-08-2020Dr. Remya AlakkalMoordhataila vicharam Session 4 – Clinical application of Shirovasthi
13814-08-2020.Dr.Manjula Clinical Orientation of herbomineral drugs in management of female reproductive disorders
13915-08-2020Dr.Suhas shettyAyurvedic Management of Substance use disorders
14016-08-2020Dr. Subin VaidyamatomClinical Challenges in the
management of Neurodegenerative Diseases – Ayurveda perspectives
14117-08-2020Dr.Divya.HrishikeshUnderstanding of Anxiety disorders through Ayurveda
14218-08-2020Prof. Kirathamoorthi . kottklDaivavyaparaya chikitsa wsr to manthra
14319-08-2020Dr. Divya. ( Role of Medhya Rasayana in Vandhyatva Chikitsa with Special Reference To Manasika Nidanas
14420-08-2020Dr. Rahul. R. NairUnderstanding Pathologies From A Chest Xray- A Primer
14521-08-2020Dr.Priyanka RAmniotic fluid & Surgical induction of labour
14622-08-2020Dr. Vinod KrishnanFoot Massage
14723-08-2020Dr. S. N. Santhosh BalavadiManagement of Arditavata (Bells’s Palsy)
14824-08-2020Dr. P. R. RemeshCancer and Palliative care
14925-08-2020Dr. P. P. Pradeep kumarPolycystic ovarian syndrome : clinicians perspective
15026-08-2020Vaidya.Prasad.MHow to become a Successful Vaidya
15127-08-2020Dr. Sree Parvathi C/O Remya Mam putKriyakrama in Keraleeya Granthas – Clinical practise
15229-08-2020Dr. Gopi KrishnaClinical perspectives of Rasoushadhies
15301-09-2020Dr. Narayanan nampiThyroid care in Ayurveda
15402-09-2020Dr. Joseph. K. GImportance of Nadi diagnosis and treatment.
15503-09-2020Dr. HemalathaMedico legal aspects of Ayurvedic medical Practioners
15604-09-2020Dr. K. P. NamboothiriClinical applications of shodhananga snehapanam
15705-09-2020Dr. Rajagopal(kottkkl) Spine disorders
15806-09-2020Dr. Santhosh.S.R.NairThe Principle of management of Jwara prescribed by Charaka
15907-09-2020Dr. Nishanth narayananinfectious fevers Ayurvedic perspective
16008-09-2020Prof. RamdasConcept of Atma, buddhi and Mind in Ayurveda and their relavance in Ayurveda.
16109-09-2020Dr. Mahesh(kottkkl) Lifestyle disorders
16210-09-2020Dr. M. V. Vinodhkumar sirBasic Approaches in Psychological Interventions

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