Step 1 – preparation of Kashaya/decoction 50 gms each of BALA (Sida cordifolia), DEVADARU (Cedrus deodarum) and SAHACHARA (Ecbolium viridae) are taken. The drugs should be cleaned well and chopped to coarse powder. Add 4 litres of water, boil well and reduce to 2 litres. Strain the decoction until clear.

Step 2 – preparation of kanji Boil 75gms of Navara rice in the prepared decoction and when the rice is cooked well, add 3/4th glass each of cow’s milk and goat’s milk (total of 1 ½ glasses).

Step 3 – addition of medicinal drugs 3 gms each of Black pepper, turmeric, shathapushpa(Anatum graveolus ), garlic, cumin seeds, black seeds(Nigella sativa ),shallots, fenugreek, ajwin seeds, long pepper(Pippali),saindhava(rock salt),sea beans , [cloves and cardamom- optional] are taken and ground along with coconut scrapings(1/4th coconut). This mixture is added to well cooked kanji and boiled again. Add roasted shallots (roasted in ghee or coconut oil) as toppings to the prepared kanji.

Time of intake: The prepared kanji can be taken instead of breakfast at 8AM For individuals who cannot skip breakfast, they can have karkidaka kanji at around 10 am after breakfast.

Substitutions The medicines for decoction can be replaced with kashayams according to the disease conditions of the patients. All vatahara kashayam can be used as base for karkidaka kanji like sahacharadi, sukumaram, maharasnadi, gandharvahasthadi, vidaryadi etc. Guggulu tiktaka kashayam and varanadi kashayams are exemptions as they are langhana in action. The Navara rice can be substituted with wheat, barley and sesame feeds according to the condition of patients. One can also add green gram, horse gram, black gram, cashew nuts, and ground nuts along with Navara rice.

Always consider the agnibala of patient before prescribing karidaka kanji.

Precautions: 1. Follow good sleeping habits; avoid day sleep and night awakening. 2. Bath in lukewarm water 3. Drink lukewarm water and avoid cold intake until the digestion of kanji. 4. Known patients of ulcer and ano-rectal conditions are not advised to have the karkidaka kanji. 5. Karkidaka kanji is not advised before menarche. 6. Sleeping soon after intake of kanji is not advisable.

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